PEast 2016

Shoutout to all the awesome games I demo’d and people I talked to at PAX East 2016: Desolus – Mark Mayers Mark and I graduated from the same CS program at Northeastern, his game is beyond gorgeous. He was approached by some very important people at some very important companies, super excited for the future of […]

Level Select UI

Implemented an experimental level select UI today: GIFY! The “previous page” animation is a bit jarring right now, gunna play with tuning the alpha way low in the previous page until the rotation animation is completed. We aren’t married to the carousel-esque rotation design, but happy to hear any feedback on it! We’re kickin around a few […]

New Programmer!

Meetings meetings meetings   The SkyLab team just wrapped up 51/2 hours of of meetings…*whew*. After briefly going over this week’s progress, we discussed a myriad of decisions ranging from game design, to art direction, to tools implementation. We solidified several design decisions that were sort of up in the air, we concretely determined what pieces of […]

New art lead!

After meeting online, discussing the state of Sky Labyrinth, and where we think the art direction should go, we are proud and beyond excited to officially announce that we’ve signed Carl Kidwell onto the SkyLab development team! He joins us with decades of game development experience (both AAA and indie) and dozens of titles under his belt. […]

What is slide tackle supposed to do?

This past Feedback Friday we received a lot of amazing feedback, but redditor Saiodin earns an honorable mention with his fantastic level of detail and volume of feedback. Without undermining how helpful and constructive his post was, there was one particular part that has us dying of laughter: Don’t know what Slide Tackle is supposed to do. […]

New Mechanic – Boost!

We just finished up implementation of an acceleration mechanic! The player can now boost for a short while to avoid traps and snatch up StratoSpheres faster! Handing in StratoSpheres replenishes said boost so players can keep their roadrunner game strong. We also rolled the wall flip and boost mechanic into one input, mainly because we were concerned that the input […]

Twitch stream + artist wanted

We’re about to go live with a tutorial stream of how we setup a Depth of Field image effect, to affect both our UI and world simultaneously without affecting the player character. Also, we’re looking for an artist! Update: Stream all done, check out the tutorial on YouTube!

Why u no lane system?!

After the release of beta v0.2, a clever guy on reddit asked “Why not have a preset number of lanes in each corridor of the maze? It’d make movement a bit easier”. It brought a genuinely big smile to my face that someone on the internet has the same exact thought process as us, because […]

Beta v0.2

Our first blog post coincides with the release of v0.2 of the public beta! That reddit post includes all the important details of the changes we made for this version, and we still have a LOT of feedback to continue iterating with (currently 12 open tickets just for feedback changes). One of the more technically […]