And we back

After a year-long hiatus, I’ve finally gotten the time to work on Sky Labyrinth once again! The first commit in a long time is a simple one, upgrading to 2017.3:   Update: First bugfix in a year too!

FDG 2017 Submission – Embracing Rejection

Early this past June I authored an ACM paper to submit to a conference, created and organized by two of my former professors Alessandro Canossa and Casper Harteveld, FDG 2017. Although I was gracefully rejected, I was quite happy. In fact thinking back to June 14th, 2017 (the day before the submission deadline) I was […]

Faux-3D Performant Emissive Text

What We Needed Emissive Text For Note: Skip this section if you’re only here to read about the emissive text One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced during beta development is quite simple: explaining to players what they have to do. The concept of collecting a minimum number of StratoSpheres and handing them in at […]

v0.17b Changelog

Another week, another beta build! This week we:  Did a complete overhaul of the level design for mazes 0 to 14. We didn’t enjoy the feeling of designing “tutorial mazes” then “regular mazes” We instead are trying to design a whole game rather than a segmented one, spreading out new mechanics and gameplay over many […]

v0.15b Changelog

Another week, another beta build! Below are some highlighted changes, complete list at the bottom. Diegetic UI We eliminated the unclear and clunky “boost meter” HUD and replaced it with a kick-ass power-pack on the player’s back. Drawing influence from Isaac’s quintessential diegetic UI in the Dead Space franchise, our pack gets brighter as the […]

ARCS Improvement

Today I finished a few bugfixes to the ARCS (AutoRunner Camera System). The first notable bug was originally reported by /u/iron_dinges (developer of Thrusterball!). The camera sometimes ended up being uncentered, after finding the cause (2 rotations in quick succession) I noticed a second subtle bug with how the ARCS interacted with our WallFlip mechanic. Double Rotate Bug – […]

Improved Containment Field

Results – Before/After Static Results – Before/After Note: This seam was highly visible from within the Maze during play Note: Although not eliminated entirely, this seam blends far better and is not visible during play Steps First, our new fulltime artist created a custom material for the Containment Field. Previously, we had been using a […]

Omnidirectional Autorunner Camera System

Today marks a big milestone in Sky Labyrinth’s development: I finally implemented a camera system that truly nails the feeling of an “omni-directional autorunner”. One of Sky Labyrinth’s core design goals is to bridge genres; to create a hybrid of classic autorunners (like Temple Run, Subway Surfers) and 3D maze-puzzlers (like Portal, Stanley Parable). I […]

Improved movement system [technical]

It all started with this Feedback Friday reply from /u/jaggygames, where he made a GIF to convey an excellent suggestion about preserving forward momentum during laneshifting: View post on So we implemented it on Oct 4th:   The previous implementation was a pretty crude anchoring system, detailed here in an older post. Things tend to […]