FDG 2017 Submission – Embracing Rejection

Early this past June I authored an ACM paper to submit to a conference, created and organized by two of my former professors Alessandro Canossa and Casper Harteveld, FDG 2017.

Although I was gracefully rejected, I was quite happy.

A kind and thoughtful rejection email

In fact thinking back to June 14th, 2017 (the day before the submission deadline) I was extremely satisfied once I had finished the paper and submitted it. It was extremely cathartic and rewarding to reflect and think about the last 2 years of Sky Labyrinth’s development; to actually quantify and analyze exactly what we’ve accomplished was both humbling and (fortunately) gratifying. I say fortunately, because had I reflected on the past two years and realized we had accomplished nothing or very little, I’d probably have failed to complete the paper and been rather melancholy for weeks. My partner Ronny and I have accomplished quite a lot over the timespan we’ve both devoted to development, and it was remarkable to really define and quantify what those accomplishments were.

Furthermore I was able to have a fruitful follow up conversation with the conference jury’s convenor, Professor Pippin Barr of Concordia University, who among some thoughtful advice and kind words suggested a relevant paper he had co-authored in 2013, “Design Metaphors for Procedural Content Generation“. Terrific piece on PCG and the terms/definitions of associated works from a design-centric context (as opposed to technical or engineering perspectives).

For you internet denizens curious enough, here is the rejected submission: FDG_2017_SkyLabyrinth

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