v0.15b Changelog

Another week, another beta build! Below are some highlighted changes, complete list at the bottom.

Diegetic UI

We eliminated the unclear and clunky “boost meter” HUD and replaced it with a kick-ass power-pack on the player’s back. Drawing influence from Isaac’s quintessential diegetic UI in the Dead Space franchise, our pack gets brighter as the player collects more and sees a nice bloom effect once it’s nearing full charge. The bloom is even brighter at full charge.

For reference, here’s the old boost meter HUD (lower left):

Visual effect for non-lethal maze walls

As players are still learning basic movement in Mazes 0 and 1 they cannot die, but this wasn’t communicated visually before.

Player Gooped and New Saw Model

Some beta testers thought the Goop could hurt the player, so we added a simple visual effect to convey the slowing “gooped” effect.

Minor Maze 0 Redesign

Thanks to some good feedback from /u/whatevermansure we made a series of tweaks to the design of the first maze and it’s tutorial UI elements.

Complete Changelog

  • New Maze 0 level design
  • New input scheme and tutorial for midair movement
  • Added a visual effect for non-lethal walls
  • Player now turns green when slowed by Goop
  • New Saw obstacle model
  • Removed the “boost meter” from HUD, replaced with a backpack diegetic UI
  • Added a flyby warning when walls become lethal
  • Shadow underneath player is now a fixed 90 degrees
  • Updated main menu
  • Removed the dumb menu button movement animation
  • Over a dozen bugfixes, most notably a possible fix for Galaxy S6 lag issues

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