Going dark!

Today we’ve moved our GitHub repository “skylabgame” over to a private repo. All of the links to code, issue tickets, etc. throughout our blogs and tweets will lead to a 404 page unfortunately =(

Worry not! We love the open-source community and want¬†to release SkyLab’s codebase, in part or whole (haven’t decided yet) to the community after release. We’ve simply gone dark because release of the game is coming up fairly soon (no date yet, sorry!) and want to make sure it goes smoothly!

As for our post-release plans, we’ve been discussing a number of options. We might be¬†releasing some of our editor tools on the Unity Asset store (after a fair bit of improvement), or releasing all of our core functionality in the form of YouTube tutorials (explaining how we accomplished smooth omni-directional autorunning, for example), or something else entirely!

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