A unique 5.4.1 Android bug

Earlier this week I upgraded Sky Labyrinth from 5.3 to 5.4.1. No immediate issues were noticed, though I’m now regretting not running an Android build right away.

While building for Feedback Friday, I found that on Android none of our layer-based lethal collisions worked. I restarted Unity, ran another build, no dice. Restarted my machine, ran another build, no dice. After lots of head scratching and triple-checking things, I simply checked “Development Build” in the build settings to see if maybe some errors were being throw.

All of a sudden, everything works. Unchecked development build, ran another build, everything still works.Well…that’s odd but okay, great!

Not great.

I make a very minor change. The tap & hold sprite in the below image wasn’t assigned to the right inspector variable, so it wasn’t being turned on for mobile platforms.


I perform literally 1 inspector reassignment. Run another Android build. No lethal-layer collision work once again.

The fuck?

Fuck it, let’s check “Development Build” to see if this is reproducible…mother of fuck it is reproducible. Toggling this option on, running a build, then toggling it off is fixing these collision bugs. If I make any other changes I have to re-run a development build before a regular build, I’ve reproduced it 4 times now.

This is but one of the bugs that had me awake until 2:30AM to get our v0.9b build published for Feedback Friday, but hey they’re out and with a few less bugs. Definitely submitting a bug report to Unity in the morning.


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