New Mechanic – Boost!

We just finished up implementation of an acceleration mechanic! The player can now boost for a short while to avoid traps and snatch up StratoSpheres faster! Handing in StratoSpheres replenishes said boost so players can keep their roadrunner game strong. We also rolled the wall flip and boost mechanic into one input, mainly because we were concerned that the input scheme for mobile users was getting way too crowded.

We simplified the input by combining these two things, and just automatically detecting when the player wants to boost versus flip. Conveniently enough, we were already doing raycasts to figure out if the player was close enough to a wall to maybe start up the wall flip animation, so we piggy-backed of this pre-existing code. This way when the players are closing on a wall, they don’t waste boost by holding down W when they really just want to wall flip.

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